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If you need to schedule service on your covered product, please start by searching for your service plan.
You may be able to view, print or download your extended service plan at any time on our website: Having trouble? Chat with us and we can help!
You can cancel your plan at any time, no questions asked. Chat with us and we can get the process started for you.
The fastest way to get status on your service or change your appointment is to contact your assigned service provider. If you don’t have the contact information for your service provider, chat with us and we’ll be happy to provide those details.
Please cancel your service appointment with your service provider first, then chat with an agent to arrange for reimbursement of any paid deductibles.
Your extended service plan covers the cost of both parts and labor on all operating components that fail due to normal single-family residential use. Some items, such as cosmetic parts, are not covered. See your service plan terms and conditions for exclusions. Still have questions? Chat with us and we can help!
You can make payments online by visiting the Service Protection Advantage website: Having trouble? Chat with us and we can help!

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To schedule a repair or check your coverage, let's find your service plan information.

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